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Self Confidence



We live in the wonderful community of Kyle TX, but the rest of the world may not be so kind. Feeling comfortable in your ability to protect yourself and loved ones is priceless.

I would love for you to join me for some classes on self defense.  

About Alfonso

        I spent 12 years as a Military Police Officer for the United States Air Force, The Texas Air National Guard, and as a State of Texas Employee. My primary duties were weapons instructing, Combative instructing and First aid.

        In my personal life I have trained Muy Thai, American Kick Boxing, Boxing, Lethwei, Jujitsu and various other Martial Arts. I started as a young child and just felt the need to jump from art to art to see what fit me best. 

        It's my experience, that those who don't know how to defend themselves are always the first ones to look for trouble. Its also my experience, that many more people are training some form of Martial Art. I wanted to give back to the people of Kyle with a skill that will keep them healthy and safe. 

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Our Class

        We will be offering classes through the city of Kyle. To join us you must register for classes with the city of Kyle before attending.    

        Our class will focus on merging styles into a real world ability to defend yourself. A main component of self-defense is the ability to perform when necessary. With that in mind, class will also be about improving your overall health. This will include cardio, flexibility, reaction time and mental awareness. If you have never trained before that is perfect, we will build your base from the ground up. If you have years of experience come, and sharpen those skills. 

        If you have the following please bring them:

(All are recommended but are not necessary)

  • Hand wraps

  • Boxing gloves/ MMA gloves

  • Mouth Guard (to help breathing, we will not be hitting each other)

  • Towel

  • Water

  • Wear athletic clothing and shoes you are comfortable standing and running in. 

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